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We can't tell you without giving the game away but here's some clues:

It's NOT another video hosting platform - there are thousands of video destinations - with more videos than we can watch in a lifetime

It's NOT another video search engine - Google and YouTube do that job really well - if we know what we're looking for

It's NOT a recommendation engine - how would it know what we want to watch - people have tried that and failed

It's NOT another video social network - even YouTube is at best full of useless interaction, frustrating features and falls short on user experience


In a short while we will be opening our new project to selected Beta Testers and here's a check list of the qualifications you will need:

Addicted to online video

Never separated from your smart phone

Looking for all in one easy social solutions

Want to earn some shares in the next big start up (the start up is us by the way!)

Created by You - Built by Us - Sign up to beta test now

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