Video SEO

Smart Video offers clients a fully automated Video SEO Service allowing quick indexing and optimised ranking of videos in Google search results.

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Welcome to Smart-vidEO - Smart-vidEO offer the growing numbers of online video publishers out there an easy to use video seo service that helps to get the major search engines to find, index and rank their video content on the web. This service was designed to help publishers who's own results with video's are often poor. Our video seo service makes life easy and you don't even need to be a tech head! All you need is access to your website to upload a folder and our video seo service does the rest.

Smart-vidEO's powerful tool is designed to help your videos and ultimately your website to stand out in search results.

Smart-vidEO will optimize a companies videos so they will be found highly ranked in Google's search engine results. The service also comes with a money back gaurantee - which means that companies both large and small can take advantage of our services with little risk - of course we would'nt offer this kind of gaurantee unless we were pretty confident on our service delivering on our promises.

Having been involved in online marketing, advertising and publishing since the beginning Smart-vidEO is in a great position to offer video seo and we are confident that our product will not be matched in terms of quality and value for money, by any other company.

Whilst we do not promise to get your videos to page one (no quality SEO company should be making these kinds of promises) we do find that a video on a page that has been well optimized for search, stands a great chance of ranking highly and delivering valuable visitors to a site.

So if you are looking for a partner to help you to make the most of your video - then you have come to the right place! To get started visit our Get Started page or if you have further questions please Contact Us.